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Private Lessons

South Florida is such a popular boating destination and our goal is to help make boating safer for everyone.


New to the world of boating? Interested in purchasing a boat and ensuring that you can navigate safely? Miami Boating Lessons offers a customized hands-on boating course designed to suit both you and your vessel, providing you with the skills to handle your boat like an experienced captain. Instructed by our United States Coast Guard-licensed captain, you'll receive comprehensive education on safe boat operation.


Our course kicks off with a 3-hour hands-on session at the helm of your boat, all under the expert guidance of our licensed captain. Forget classrooms – you'll be learning to operate your boat both at the marina and on the water. By the end of the session, you'll possess the confidence and abilities needed to operate your boat safely.


Our 3-hour lesson covers some of the basics to set a proper foundation for boats under 40 feet. Each lesson includes the following;

  • Safety equipment check

  • Navigation & electronics overview

  • Close quarters maneuvering 

  • "Rules of the road"

  • Radio etiquette

  • Chartplotting

  • Anchoring

  • Docking techniques


For those looking to enhance their skills further, ongoing lessons can be scheduled. We also offer advanced classes, including multi-engine operation, nighttime operation/navigation, and boat trailering/launching/recovery, to take your boating expertise to the next level.

Private lessons start at $450 for a 3-hour session at your favorite marina within Miami-Dade County for boats under 40 feet.

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